Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve
SSG Oltinsay, Beruni District, 230206, Republic of Karakalpakstan

+ (998 97) 220-95-20

+ (998 61) 601-38-46

Visiting conditions

Visitors can arrive in the biosphere reserve individually or in groups. In case of group visits you should arrange the visit date with the administration in advance. The tours are paid, the price is fixed based on calculations. Visitors are guided by one of the workers of the biosphere reserve.      
Best time for visits. The weather is best in spring and autumn. However, spring is the breeding season for Bukhara Red Deer and other mammals and the nesting period for birds, so disturbing animals at this time is not recommended. Moreover, the animals become particularly cautious, so you can hardly be lucky to observe them in the wild. If you visit the biosphere reserve in the second half of September, you can hear the powerful bellow of male deer. At this time they enter the rutting period, and the males thus inform their competitors of their rights and let females know about their presence. In summer you can enjoy the tugai life in full swing. This is the time when the trees develop the densest crowns, the diversity of shrubs and herbs pleases the eye, birds sing at the top of their voices and the insects are at the peak of their activity. Accompanied by experienced guides from the reserve’s staff, you will have an opportunity to photograph rare representatives of flora and fauna included in various Red Books.             
The Lower Amudarya Biosphere Reserve cannot provide an overnight accommodation for its guests so far, so you can make a one-day visit only. You should also provide yourselves with food and drinking water. Remember to have with you bags for your rubbish, which you are expected to carry away from the reserve. LABR can provide binoculars and horses for those who can ride them. The place is frequented by schoolchildren, university students and researchers. Travellers, including those coming from abroad, are not so common there so far.