Lower Amudarya State Biosphere Reserve
SSG Oltinsay, Beruni District, 230206, Republic of Karakalpakstan

+ (998 97) 220-95-20

+ (998 61) 601-38-46

Code of conduct

Excursion in Lower Amudarya bioshere reserve (Uzbekistan)Photo: Elena Kan

When visiting the biosphere reserve, be aware of the rules of conduct and follow simple restrictions that will help to preserve nature. Remember that you are a visitor to nature. By following these rules, you will discover another world and get a lot of pleasant experiences.

  • Only organized groups, accompanied by a representative of the biosphere reserve, should move around the biosphere reserve.
  • You should only move along the established routes.
  • Make sure that you take all garbage with you. If the visit to the site is taking a long time, bring a bag to put your garbage.
  • Do not tear flowers, break trees or damage barks! The collection of all kinds of herbs, fruits, mushrooms and plants is also prohibited in the biosphere reserve. Let the plants please not only you, but also those who visit the biosphere reserve after you. As well as all animals whose lives are inextricably connected with plants.
  • Be quiet: Do not scare animals and birds. A frightened bird may leave its nest with chicks, and the animal may start to behave aggressively. Watch the animals from afar without interfering with their lives.
  • Do not throw or pour anything into natural ponds; do not destroy its inhabitants.
  • Take only pictures as a memory of the nature of the places you have visited. If you see an animal while walking, you can take a photo of it, but do not chase it under any circumstances.
  • Do not turn on the music, better listen and let others hear the music of nature: birds singing, leaves rustling, water murmuring. Keep silent and you will see and hear more.